Agricultural Tractor Trailed hydraulic offset heavy duty disc harrow

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1BZ series hydraulic offset heavy disc harrow is based on the principle of traction farming. The set of concave discs is used as a working component. The insert blade edge plane is perpendicular to the ground and can be adjusted at an offset angle to the unit's advancement direction. The insertion piece rolls forward, the cutting edge of the insertion piece cuts into the soil, cuts the grass roots and crop residues, and arranges the soil ridge to move along the concave surface of the insertion piece by a certain height and then shift. This disc harrow is worked as operations of shallow cultivation and stubble after crop harvest, soil moisture retention in early spring and crushed soil after ploughing.
This harrow is made of square tubes welded together which ensures simple structure and good rigidity .The harrow is also equipped with hydraulic lifting rubber wheels for convenient transportation and small turning radius, thus the production efficiency and lifetime of the harrow is dramatically improved.


1. Highly adapt to the hard soil.
2. Easy maintenance, just need to inject bearing oil regularly.
3. With hydraulic cylinder and Tyre, it can walk on the road before and after working.
4. The material of disc blades is carbon steel 65Mn.
5. The HRC of disc blades is 38-45.

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The hydraulic heavy duty disc harrow can be used as tillage machine instead of plough on the cultivated land. The efficient productivity, reasonable utilization of the power, great ability of cutting and shattering the soil, the soil surface is smooth and loosening after harrowing, it is well suitable for heavy clay soil, waste land and weedy field as well.


Model 1BZ-2.5
Diameter of disc (mm) 660 x 5
Weight (kg) 1350
Working width (m) 2.5
Working depth (cm) 180-200
Ground clearance (cm) >160
Maximum working angle 23
Nos of disc blade 24
Matched power (hp) 80

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